Teak Outdoor Furniture: a Rich Heritage for Patio Furniture

The latest rage in outdoor furniture is teak furniture. It is considered to be quite the ‘in’ thing to use teak furniture for outdoors. It brings in luxury and a certain sort of royalty which stands durable in all weather conditions. Moreover, maintenance of teak outdoor furniture is minimum compared to other types of furniture. If proper care is taken for teak outdoor furniture it could last for as long as seventy-five years or more.

teak outdoor furniture is a popular choice by many due to its strength, durability and the ability to withstand most weather conditions. In fact during the eighteenth century, it was almost entirely used on seagoing vessels as decks and railings, particularly because of its resistance to weather and water damage. It was the wood garnished from many vessels, once they were retired, they were used to construct the first teak outdoor furniture.

Keeping this kind of history in mind, it’s easy to perceive why this tropical wood is generally regarded as one of the leading materials for building outdoor furniture, be it lounges, deck chairs, tables or benches.

Because wood is the smart choice for outdoor furniture, you need to have something that is extremely strong and naturally resistant to the weather outside. Direct sunlight, rain, snow can be quite harmful to wood and hence one has to be careful of the type of wood that one is using for outdoor furniture. Teak wood is great for outdoor furniture due to its natural properties such as being high in natural oils, and resistance to rupture because of its tight grain.

The properties that make teak such a well-suited material for this use are two-fold. To begin with,teak outdoor furniture is high in natural oils, making it in nature very resistant to rain, snow, and other harmful weather conditions. Second, it has an outstandingly tight grain that resists breakage and rupture. Both of these qualities have served to make it perfect for constructing outdoor furniture.

Understandably the popular choice for proven outdoor furniture is that maintenance required to keep it efficient: none. Depending on how you want your furniture to look, it’s absolutely acceptable to never touch your furniture except when you’re relaxing and kicking back in it on a beautiful, sunny day. As mentioned earlier, it won’t decompose, rupture or worsen in any way. The only consequence of no maintenance is that it will eventually turn a light shade of silvery grey, a look that a lot of homeowners actually enjoy. If one wants to avoid this and preserve the natural honey color then teak sealer can be used. Even the old furniture can get back the natural honey color by using a teak cleaner and then putting the teak sealer on it.

Using teak outdoor furniture is rather expensive compared to using other outdoor furniture. But considering its many benefits, paying that extra price is worth every cent. In addition, you won’t have to replace your furniture for a very long time. The comfort, style, long lasting nature that teak outdoor furniture provides make it extremely beneficial to choose teak wood for outdoor furniture. With teak outdoor furniture, you’ve got quality that lasts a lifetime.